Koiari Park Campus, at 14 mile Sogeri is gearing for the up-coming week of prayer from 1st - 7th May.

There is a growing problem of addiction and slavery of many forms and is rampant among many, and concerning young people today.
This week of prayer's aim is to draw those who suffer openly or in silence back to God as the ultimate solution to overcoming these struggles and weaknesses in life. The power of prayer, Holy Spirt and the Word can empower and change lives. This will be the focus for this program.

The morning sessions will be led by a guest facilitator from Brisbane, Australia ─ Mr Cliff Fua who is an expert in the field of substance abuse.
Mr. Fua, is already on campus and has been meeting schools and departments in preparation for the program next week.
The evening sessions will be in the form of a presentation from a variety of speakers who will preach the word of God on the
theme "We Are More Than Conquerors" followed by a student testimony.

John 15:4 teaches us of Jesus' desire for us today... "Abide in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine.
No more can ye accept ye abide in me.”