School of Science and Technology


  • Dr Darren Bito BSc (Hons – 1st class), MSc, PhD (Science)

Senior Lecturers

  • Henry Galang BSc (Chem), MSc (Chem Ed)


  • Eric Katovai BEd, BSc, MSc, (on study leave)
  • Reeves Billy BSc
  • Dawnie Katovai BEd, MSc

Associate Lecturers

  • Deborah Kakis BSc, BEd, MA (Maths)
  • Japhet Nivi BSc (AgSc), MPhil (Entomology), (on study leave) 
  • Peter Saguba BSc, PGDEd

Adjunct Lecturer

  • A/Prof Fifaia Matainaho BE (Civil), MEngSc (Public Health Engineering), PhD (Environ Engineering) 
  • A/Prof Rodger Jones Dip. Mechanical Eng, BSc Physics, Post Grad. Sc & Maths, MS Radiation Sc, PhD Envinmnt Sc