Master of Philosophy

2 years full time – Koiari Park Campus

The MPhil is a multi-disciplinary research degree allowing students to pursue at greater depth a selected aspect for focus within a particular field of study. The MPhil can be completed in any discipline area and enrolment can be in any of the six schools. It is designed for bachelor graduates who have demonstrated above average academic ability and whose previous undergraduate study shows evidence of ability in research and writing. The primary aim of the MPhil programme is to provide continuing academic education at postgraduate level with particular focus on the development of competence in research skills. The course is designed to provide graduates with recognised qualifications to enable them to teach at higher educational levels and/or pursue a research career. They also would have the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue further study and research at the doctoral level.

The course fosters growth in the following areas: developing and refining research questions, accessing, reviewing and summarising relevant data and literature, designing suitable research projects, developing writing and editing skills, and summarising and presenting their findings. Implementation of the course is primarily through one-on-one interaction between a supervisor and student.