VC's Message

Vice Chancellor - Ben Thomas

This is an exciting time to be associated with Pacific Adventist University. Our university is on the verge of the biggest transformation since starting operations in 1983. To meet the ever growing demand for quality Christian tertiary education across the Pacific, we are focused on growth over the next five years. This growth will not only come in the form of increased enrolment, but also in further development of our spiritual programs, our academic offerings, our research and our service to the community.

The Government of Papua New Guinea has charted an aggressive path for the development of the nation. This path is outlined in three specific documents: Vision 2050, Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030, and Medium Term Development Plan 2011-2015. Few institutions are as directly impacted by these plans as those in education, particularly universities.

Similar plans are being forged in the other nations across the Pacific. In the Solomon Islands, for example, education is ballooning in terms of demand, and even small nations, such as Vanuatu, are investing heavily in tertiary education. It is therefore imperative that Pacific Adventist University focuses on growth to meet the needs of the Pacific.

One thing that is not changing as we move through this transition, is our commitment to our vision, mission and core values. We will continue to prepare graduates who are equipped and willing to serve their community, their country, their church and their God.

Now is the time to participate in the action! Whether you are a current or prospective student/staff member/research partner, I challenge you to look to Pacific Adventist University. Here you will not only find Academic Excellence, but you will see God’s leading in the lives of students and staff. Let’s join together to “Educate to Serve.”


Vice Chancellor
Ben Thomas